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In 1701, French and Anishnabeg people lived in the land that would become Michigan. Over the next century, they British would join them. Although people from these different cultures traded, shared resources and built communities, they also battled for control of the land.

These lessons were designed for 3rd and 4th grade classes but can be adapted to other grades.
Trade Lesson
Settlement Lesson

The Mitten and Michigan History for Kids (MHK) are supplemental reading materials to help students develop a deeper understanding of concepts within this unit. Michigan History for Kids is appropriate for a 3rd grade level, and The Mitten is appropriate for a 4th grade level.

MHK LaSalle and Marquette
MHK Life in a French Fort
MHK Voyaguers

Here is where you can find maps, graphs and images to help supplement unit materials.
Michigan and the War of 1812
Great Lake region map
Treaty Map