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Frostbitten Convention Breakout

“Order… Order!”

yells the presiding delegate. You are a delegate (a person sent to represent others) at the constitutional convention. It is only a few days away from Christmas (in 1836) and you are eager to reach an agreement.

The United States congress will not admit Michigan as a state until Michigan accepts its terms. Michigan must give up claim to Toledo (a thriving harbor at the time) and include the Upper Peninsula within its borders.

You are stuck in a room with a lot of cold, angry people. Solve the locks on the left side of the page with the clues on this page in order to get home to celebrate the holidays with your family!

From Territory to Statehood

The Northwest Ordinance established a system for new states to join the union. From 1787 to 1848 five new states were created from the Northwest Territory. Can you