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Each collection features a unique aspect of Michigan's history.

No Idle Acres

Film from the Michigan Department of Conservation detailed the importance of efficient land use. Published in 1954 with photography by Walter Hastings.

Wayne County Road Commission

This film documents the transfer of the Wayne County Road Commission photograph collection to the Archives of Michigan.

Detroit Riot 1967

Original footage was filmed by WXYZ TV-7, and ABC affiliate in Detroit, Michigan. The footage was donated to the Michigan State Police for training purposes. The State Police have since donated it to the Archives of Michigan for permanent preservation.

The footage is online because the Archives of Michigan is using it for educational purposes in the David and Betty Morris Archives of Michigan Learning Center. The Governor’s Decision Room (modeled after and in consultation with the White House Decision Center at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library) will feature the 1967 Detroit Riot as the first decision students will face.

Silver Immigrants

This film documents various aspects of salmon sport fishing in Michigan. Hooking Coho and Chinook salmon in Michigan has become a popular recreation.