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5th Cavalry Battle Flag

What kind of items are in this collection?What kind of items are in this collection?

This collection contains images of Civil War battle flags photographed by Peter Glendinning. Visitors to the State Capitol fondly remember its rotunda ringed with battle flags. These flags show the ravages not only of battle, but also of storage under less than ideal conditions. The flags are now stored at the Michigan Historical Center where they can lay flat, supported by archival fabric, in an environment where the temperature and humidity are controlled. (The Capitol now features reproductions of the original flags in its rotunda cases.)

1st Artillery Battle Flag

How do I find things in this collection?How do I find things in this collection?

If you’re looking for a flag from a specific regiment, you can use the advanced search link at the top of any page within Seeking Michigan to locate it. (Be sure to change the check box from “Death Records” to “Civil War Battle Flags” first.) Numbers are always spelled out in image titles, so you’ll want to search for “fourteenth,” rather than “14th.” To find flags from the Third Michigan Infantry, for example, select “all of the words” from the drop-down menu on the left, type “third infantry” in the text box, select “title” from the drop-down menu on the right, and click on the green search button.

18th Infantry Battle Flag

How do I help preserve this collection?How do I help preserve this collection?

You can help the Michigan Capitol Committee, the Save the Flags program, and the Michigan Historical Museum preserve these battle flags by becoming a sponsor. For more information about this program or to purchase a sponsorship, please visit the Michigan Civil War Battle Flags section of our Seeking Michigan online store.