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Learning Commons: Museum Programs

The Michigan History Museum has a number of programs available for field trips!

These GLCE aligned thematic programs explore specific eras of Michigan history with groups of 30 students and are 90 minutes.Program length of 1.5 to 2 hours. Please call us to schedule a program today at 517.272.1359. All programs are $5.00 per student. One teacher and five adults are free, all additional adults pay $4.00 admission. $50 minimum per program. 30 students maximum per program. A minimum three weeks notice is required to book any program.

Voyageurs in Michigan

Learn about the life of a French voyageur and the Great Lakes fur trade as you help pack a canoe. Find out what goods were traded, how they were packed, how many men traveled in a canoe and how much weight the canoe could carry.

Settlement and Statehood

Explore the challenges of settlement and statehood with the Archives of Michigan staff. Through role-playing, interactive activities and primary source documents, students will play the role of surveyor, settler and citizen of Michigan territory to statehood.

Lumbering in Michigan

Discover the process and products of Michigan’s early logging industry. Students examine each step, from land looker to sawmill, and determine how different tools were used for different jobs in one of Michigan’s largest and most profitable industries.


Students use real stories of immigration to determine why people came to Michigan, what they brought with them, what they left behind and what they expected once they got here.

Michigan Mining

Dig into Michigan’s mining heritage. Discover what it was like to work in the copper and iron mines of the Upper Peninsula. 1.5 hours in length.

Michigan: Arsenal of Democracy

Thousands of Michigan citizens worked at home and abroad to help win World War II. Through this self-guided tour, learn what the people of Michigan did and why Michigan was called “The Arsenal of Democracy.”

Document Decoders: Break into the Past

Students will explore their hometown in this unique Archives of Michigan program. With the help of archives staff, students will use primary source documents to examine their hometown and its people in 1930. Then, in a group activity, they will solve puzzles to break into a “mystery” box.

Governor’s Decision Room

The Governor’s Decision Room is the culmination of several years of research and observation about a new direction in history education. With the help and support of the Truman Presidential Library and Museum, David and Betty Morris Family, Masco Corporation, ITC Holdings, Jackson National Life and the Michigan History Foundation, the Archives of Michigan proudly presents the Governor’s Decision Room Program. For more information visit The Governor’s Decision Room website.

The Governor’s Decision Room is now available for scheduling.  Please contact Rachel Clark at clarkr[at] to schedule your class or for more information.